Private Client. For Sedley Place Limited

Private Client. For Trevor Horne Architects

£500 Assessment



We offer a follow-up, no obligation £500 Assessment, where we research the history of your property, comment on its existing condition, assess pertinent planning policies, write a detailed synopsis of your brief and suggest directions in which designs might evolve to realise this. We’ll include a summary of the permissions that you require, a list of consultants that you’ll need to engage, and sketch out a timeline to the whole process with some thoughts on your potential future costs: all delivered to you as a single document that will, hopefully, tempt you to press forward to the design stage. Once you've received the document, you are free to approach other architects or consultants with it in hand, as you like.


The £500 Assessment will be based on our first meeting and the Road Map, enhanced by your subsequent thoughts and feedback, together with a desk-based study of available online historical data and current local and national planning policies. Although it will assess possible design directions, the Assessment does not include for any design work...


...that’s the hugely enjoyable next stage: