Private Client. For Sedley Place Limited

Free Road Map


We offer an initial, no obligation consultation at your property, at the end of which we will send you a one-page summary that suggests a broad-brushed Road Map through your  options. Hopefully, the Road Map will help to clarify your route for you and help you to plan your next steps forward. We don’t charge for this, although we do welcome a voluntary £30 contribution via our Just Giving page to ARC, a local charity working with the homeless community: 


The initial meeting will usually take an hour and a half or so of your time: we will listen carefully and ask an awful lot of questions about your routines, wishes, likes and dislikes, available budget and desired timescales, as we build a picture of the dream that you already have. We’ll also take a great many photographs. As well as a fact-finding mission for us, it's a chance for us both to gauge how well we might work together in the future. We won’t be there to offer or suggest instant solutions or design ideas; these can only follow when we have built a thorough understanding of the property and of your needs.


You might then choose to have us dig a bit deeper….